Did you know that Life is a Prayer in Motion?

Did you know that Life is a Prayer in Motion?

I have many pieces of finished and unfinished writings about prayer. Praying, Living, Dancing in service to life as a prayer. The main theme in all of them, is this “life IS a prayer in motion, living through you constantly. You are an instrument of the divine and as such, every moment is a prayer; consciously or unconsciously”

Reading back on all these bits of written word from past and parallel versions of me, I felt a little heavy hearted. My life has been less of a conscious prayer than usual as of late. In hindsight, I can see that the prayer has been more of a program of fear and lack than that of joy and abundance.

The common thread of all my writing of prayer is that they are written and experienced when life is going ‘right’ haha When I am experiencing the peaks of life and feeling so in my purpose I could explode. Life is so good during these moments, that I can’t help but wake up totally living in love and knowing with every part of my being that the day ahed is full of limitless possibilities and abundance beyond my imagination. So I vibe IN that frequency, it’s a natural occurrence that requires no thinking or forcing or trying. This is the way prayer is living through me in these moments, with total trust, guidance and following.

I am aware that what goes up must come down and with a succession of events that shook me and my joy, I went from an implicit trust in life to daily anxiety from fear. My inner peace was disturbed and as much as I ‘knew’ that all I had to do was keep trusting and listening, I allowed the fear to suffocate and stagnate me. How quickly this conscious prayer turned into an unconscious one, a forgotten one. And what it has shown me is that although I felt established in my state of overflow, the stability was not stable at all. It was an illusion that I had created for myself when I was taking for granted the limitless abundance of this beautiful life.

So, as I navigate her through the shadow land of uncertainty and my unconscious compulsive nature that I can see leads me in the circling of this state. Silence and the ocean are the only moments of solace I have found in which I can gain some clarity in creating real, sustainable change moving forward. This is the first time in a really long time that I have questioned so much of ‘Who I Am’. The first year I have been unable to offer retreats, lead women back to their hearts from the wisdom I have encountered and travel freely through new places with the wind in my hair and a huge purposeful smile on my face.

With great work comes great responsibility. Great responsibility that I can now see I took a little too lightly in my past.

“So my question to myself is this: How do we embody this instrument of god that is us and become a prayer in motion during the moments when we fall out of love with ourselves?”


It’s easy and effortless to prayer with life when we are in sync and all is bountiful, yes? How about the other times? How can we remember the magnificence of this moment and the divinity that’s present here right now, not only when life is ‘going our way’?

So I sit here, watching the sky turn from a blazing red to a sun kissed orange, all the way to a piercing white light that reflects off the still pool, as it raises higher and higher in the sky. Reminded of all the magic that we become accustomed too, right in front of our eyes, love affairs that are filled with unconditional love and no expectations. The synchronisation of the sun and the moon, the grass and the earth, the flowers and the trees, the ocean and the sand, the fish and the water, and then there are humans, a little more evolved in our level of consciousness than all the rest and because of this, we so easily loose the balance of the unconditional in the divine and the trust in everything. Believing we deserve something for something instead of simply learning from nature and understanding that life is a dance or as Sadhguru explains this, a transaction. Between us and everything, all the elements, our senses. Imagine is suddenly the sun didn’t rise because her and the moon were fighting? Or if the soil kicked the grass out because the earth wanted more attention? Haha…just the thought of these acts make me laugh out loud. It would never happen because life IS harmonious and there are no expectations because there is already a selfless dance, transaction, taking place in every moment.

Ok, I got totally off topic here because I started writing again as I’m watching the sun rise – see…..easier to remember in moments of joy huh?!

I believe we need each other. And although, ultimately, our life is in our hands and the choices we make are ours, just like the feelings coursing through us, teaching us to hold ourselves, acknowledge ourselves, love ourselves ect….I know first hand the power of loving someone when they stop loving themselves and it is the most powerful medicine on this planet.

What is love and compassion if it cannot be shared?

So, we are out of balance with our inner world in this moment, maybe we know why, maybe we don’t – it doesn’t really matter anyway. We are feeling sad or miserable or hopeless and our system is suffering because of this disharmony. Along comes a dear friend, your sister, Mother, beloved, they offer a hug, not just any hug but a hug that is filled with so much love and compassion because their love cup is overflowing and it makes them sad to see you sad.

Their hug reminds you of that love and gentleness that resides within you. It wakes up a dormant part of you that you pushed aside as the familiar feelings of suffering took over. That single hug allowed you to feel safe to access your own inner love and compassion.

Do you understand where I’m going with this?

If we are all one and all just parts of god living in one moment as the same divinity in motion, we need each other in this way. When your light is dim, I can step a little closer and let my light show you the way. ‘The way’ being the remembrance of your own inner light. ANYTHING that you can offer someone in a time they have temporarily forgotten is a gift. A gift of remembrance of what is inside them already. This takes me to my next topic of those who choose not to help because they believe you cannot make anyone happy. It’s just not about that. We are ALL whole and complete within ourselves, its just that life happens in unique ways for us all. This life happening creates cause and effect for each of us in different ways. So when the sun is shining for you, it is dark AF for her…..if you have sun, why wouldn’t you share some of it with her as a reminder of her inner sun? This is not giving her your sun or fixing her darkness, it is simply the natural order of how nature works. This effortless transaction that helps the other to nourish and grow.

I hope you can understand my rabble in writing haha…..It’s a topic that I’m really passionate about because I feel an intense desire to help others ‘remember’ when I am in a state of overflow. I wouldn’t even say that it’s a desire, more just a natural part of me that I extend to other parts of ‘me’ externally, when I feel it is needed. And the effects? Well, if NOW is all that exists and in this very now you are able to remind someone of the eternal well of love inside of them by loving on them or reminding them of the unconditional nature of love and compassion by extending a warm hug and some gentle words, that is a pretty sweet gift of the now if you ask me. One that money can’t buy, nor time or anything.

In all of these ways of acknowledgement, THIS is the way we pray in these moments. Prayer through love, through presence, through ‘I see you’, prayer through a hug, through a warm pat on the head that says ‘you will be ok’

Sometimes we will be the conscious prayer, knowing full well that this moment is divine and full of limitless possibilities and sometimes we will be an unconscious prayer and until I have a different answer for remembrance, it will be this – let us remind each other when we forget of the god like magnificence residing within us, through extending our prayer onto them. Because when we selflessly help another to remember, we are letting ourselves know even more that love is the ONLY medicine and we have it living through us all the time.