An Initiation for Women into the Tantric & Intimacy Arts – Level 1


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An Initiation for Women into the Tantric and Intimacy Arts – Level 1

This Online Workshop is for Women who are curious and seeking a deeper and authentic relationship and connection with themselves.

This workshop is a rights of passage gathering. A experiential remembrance of  the forgotten language of our untamed selves. Tapping into all things “woman” so that you can strengthen your relationship with your self, your sexuality and the world around you.

Over the course of this gathering, I will share my experience, knowledge and teachings with you as an  Initiation into the Tantric Path.

After the workshop, you will take with you an understanding of Tantra, Intimacy and how to merge this wisdom into your life and work with your sexual energy daily.

What we cover:

What IS and IS NOT Tantra

Explaining Polarity & Tantric Foundations – IN LAMENS TERMS (So you can actually understand)

Guided Tantric Meditations

The art of Presence

What it means to be a Tantrica in this modern day world and HOW

Debunking the myths around Menstruation and introducing you to the untold truths of your monthly cycle.

Breakdown of the Chakra system and how to use it for your own spiritual and sexual evolution.

Understanding and working with our sexual energy

Tantric Practices to add into your daily routine

This workshop has been very thoughtfully put together by myself. It is a combination of over a decade of diving into Intimate research and Tantric practices with myself. What I have learnt, experienced, practiced, and witnessed over this time has been put into this work I am sharing with you here.

My wish for you is that you leave my sessions with a deeper level of understanding of yourself, the ways in which you relate to the world and others and with your sensual self. I help you understand what it means to be a Tantric Woman in this modern world. Implementing these teachings into your  daily life so that you can live with more presence, connection, devotion, reverence, sensuality  and know how to come home, within, whenever you need to.

Tantra – More connection, less separation –

Are you ready to explore the world within you from a different perspective?

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This workshop is for women only and during the workshop there will be no nudity or any explicit sexual practices.

A combination of theory and practice advice on how to become more open and aware of your sexuality and sexual energy as a woman and how to incorporate this energy into your daily life.

You will receive a bonus email from me after the workshop, with supporting information, articles, links, an e-book, and other materials to complement the knowledge we have shared and experienced from the workshop.

 Stockholm, Sweden • June 2  & June 12, 2019

Deposit only 600 kr
Full amount 1600 kr

 Los Angeles, CA • September 29, 2019

$1250 kr ($130 USD)

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