I’m not sure how to keep this short and sweet so I will just do my best ( which is all you should ever do )
My name is Charlene Brown and I am completely fascinated with life, spirituality, love, relationships, creating balance, healing, passions and purpose.
I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to growing and learning as much about ME as I possibly can, in order to better serve the world and others!
I completed my Bachelor of Health Science in Perth (Naturopathy), Australia before heading to Kerala, India to complete my Ayurvedic degree.
I studied the art of yoga and meditation in India and learned Transcendental Meditation in California before heading back to New York to complete Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass training in New York where I learnt tooled-up with many Kundalini Meditations. I then became Oneness Awakening certified in Ubud, Bali and became a  ‘Deeksha blessing giver’ which is a beautiful transfer of healing energy from me to you!
My mission is to help as many people as I can step into their truth and find that Magic that lives within us all (including YOU)
It is my hope that you may be inspired by my stories, lessons, adventures, advice and everything I share with you here on my website!
I want to help people find their calling (magic) in life and I want to let YOU and everyone know that if you haven’t found ‘it’ yet, that’s ok!
It took me a looonngg time to figure out my passion and purpose in life I have an incredible number of tools in my tool-belt to help you do the same.
I believe we are all born with magic inside of us and when we are young, we are so in tune with ourselves, we explore, believe, go with the flow and go with whatever feels good however we start to loose this certainty of how magical we are as we start to grow up and become surrounded with limiting beliefs, media, conditioning and ideas about how life ‘should’ be.

“Don’t let your magic be hidden by the darkness of your fear”

I lost myself and tried to find happiness through harmless material things. When this wasn’t fulfilling, I turned to alcohol and drugs until I felt so disconnected from ME, I hardly recognized who I was anymore.
Through so much spiritual growth, failing forward, self-love, learning, forgiving, meditating and making myself my biggest priority, I created a beautiful place where I am today…happy, in love with my life and the biggest believer in magic (once again)
I am READY to help YOU take on the world and step into your truth, spread your wings and sparkle your magic dust all over the place!
With so much love and magic,