Are you ready to fully Embody your Pleasure?

Lets embark on a journey together, through Self Pleasure, Jade Egg Practices, Tantric Philosophies, Meditations & Rituals

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$149 USD

Do you know how to touch yourself and make your whole body quiver?
How about this.
Can you close your eyes, connect with your Pussy, feel and draw her MAGNIFICENT energy upward & inward and channel it into your desired expression? 
I stumbled across Tantra through my  pleasure sabotaging years of faking orgasms. I am SO happy I did, because Tantra has taught me how to love myself, love my body, embody the state of pleasure and how to have INSANE, MIND BLOWING, OUT OF THIS WORLD ORGASMS.
The Sexual aspect of the tantric system is only 3% of the entire teachings. So this course is a combination of the multi faceted teachings of Tantra, Intimacy and Self love to help you become a juicy embodied YOU.
I know how frustrating it is to feel like you can’t enjoy and fully experience the magnitude of pleasure that is available to you!  And this is the reason I created this course for us women! A course that combines the important aspects from the Tantric teachings, understanding the Chakra system and how our energy works and moves through us.
Let’s dive into a journey together for 7 weeks. With hands on self  pleasure practices, rituals & guided meditations to help you get out of your own way. I will show you how to weave this system and it’s magic into your life, into your body & into your mind!

Course Overview & Delivery

Over the course of these 7 weeks, we will work together to create a deep intimacy with ourselves through:

Tantric wisdom and practices
A 30 day guided Yoni Egg journey
(includes 30 downloadable guided audios)
Guided  rituals
Guided Self pleasure practices
Exploration of tantric & Full body Orgasms
Weekly video lectures on the 7 types of Orgasms & how to achieve them 
Weekly wisdom about the sexuality of each Chakra and how to work with these energy centres
Lifelong access to our online group, downloadable material and resources
Weekly guided downloadable meditations
Weekly live QnA’s
Woah!! That’s ALOT of value and magic right there!

At the end of this journey, you will feel embodied in your pleasure and confident in the way you express it, feel it, channel it and use it. The Uncovering of these weeks will lead you deeper into a path of  the wild and untamed feminine.

Weekly Course Outline

 Enrolments open NOW
$149 USD