Let’s dance with pleasure.


You’re about to embark on a journey of pleasure in a way you have never experienced yourself before.


Your journey starts: Monday 5th July 2021


Ready to dive into yourself?



Can you touch yourself and make your whole body quiver?
Have you experienced the 7 different types of Orgasms through your pussy alone?

I spent years of my sexual life faking orgasms. YEARS!! And, i’m SO happy I did because it’s led me on this wild and crazy explorative journey of myself. I have learnt how to dance with pleasure in more ways than I ever thought were possible. More than just physically and/or just with a partner.

I didn’t just learn about pleasure as a concept but I experienced it. I dived head first into the deep end of the pleasure pool without any flotaties…..Also,  happy i did it this way because I really got to experience the depth and vastness of working with my sexual energy and the power of pleasure.

Also it’s pretty cool to be able to experience  INSANE, MIND BLOWING, OUT OF THIS WORLD ORGASMS, whenever i like 😉

I understand the frustration that arises through feeling  like you can’t fully enjoy, express  and experience the magnitude of pleasure that is available to you (because it is available to you, just in case you were wondering) And this is one of the main reasons I created this course.

Let’s dive into a powerful discovery together over the next 7 weeks with hands on self  pleasure practices, rituals, guided meditations and tones of support from me and our HSC’s pleasure community.

At the end of this journey (and even before i am sure), you will feel embodied in your pleasure and confident in the way you express it.  The Uncovering of these weeks will lead you into a deeper path of  the wild and untamed feminine.

Course structure looks like: 

During these 7 weeks we will work together to create a deep intimacy with ourselves through:

Tantric wisdom and practices

Guided  ritual at the end of the course

Weekly guided Self pleasure practices

Exploration of tantric & full body Orgasms

Weekly video lectures 

A bonus mini course on the sexuality of the Chakras and how to work with these energy centres

Access to our online group, downloadable material and resources

Weekly guided downloadable meditations

Weekly live QnA’s through our private group

Weekly Course Outline


Your journey starts: Monday 5th July 2021


Ready to dive into yourself?